As part of the legal real estate closing process, Snap Title Agency also provides notary and document preparation services to ensure that the real estate closing is done according to the laws of the State of Arizona. Snap Title only uses Notaries that have been personally vetted by us to notarize real estate transactions.  Our requirements exceed the state’s requirements.  All of our notaries are licensed, bonded and insured.


A mobile notary, also known as a traveling notary, is a person who visits different locations at the time fixed by you, to ensure proper completion of the notarization process. A mobile notary meets a client personally. The task of a mobile notary is to verify the signer’s identity, witness the signing of the document, and finally put his signature and stamp on the document. His job also involves checking the authenticity of all the documents and ensuring that no signer is signing under any compulsion or due to any threat.