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Escrow, Title & Notary Services

Mobile Notary

Can’t make it to the office? No worries, we have vetted remote notaries that can come to you, on your schedule. 7 days per week.

Title Insurance

Title Insurance protects lenders and homebuyers from financial loss sustained from defects in a title to a property. 

Escrow Services

A legal concept describing a financial agreement whereby an asset or money is held by a third party on behalf of 2 other parties that are in the process of completing a transaction


Ways to Take Title

In Arizona, you can take title as Community Property, Community Property with Right of Survivorship, Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship, Tenants in Common, Sole and Separate, Single, Unmarried, Trust, and Corporations/Partnerships/Limited Liability Company.


Co-ownership between individuals in which title to a decedent’s interest passes to the surviving joint tenants without the need for probate proceedings. The last surviving joint tenant acquires full title to the property.


Refers to an individual who has never been married.


Title to real property can also be vested in entities that are duly formed and in good standing. Such entities include corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies.


Arizona is a community property state. This means that, by statute, all property acquired during a marriage is presumed to be community property, except that acquired by gift, descent, or devise, or unless another form of ownership is expressly stated. The interest of a deceased spouse passes by will or intestate succession, generally through probate proceedings.


Co-ownership between individuals and/or entities who do not have survivorship rights. Each party owns a specific, undivided interest in the property. If fractional interests are stated, they must total 100%. If interests are not stated, equal shares are presumed.


Refers to an individual who has been, but is not currently married.


 Co-ownership by a married couple when expressly stated in the vesting document. Upon the death of one spouse, title vests in the surviving spouse without the need for probate proceedings. This manner of holding title may have tax advantages that are not available with other forms of ownership.

SOLE AND SEPARATE (married individual only)

Refers to real property acquired by a spouse prior to marriage or acquired after marriage by gift, descent or devise, or by expressly stated intent. When a married person acquires title as sole and separate property, his/her spouse must execute a disclaimer deed.


Title can be vested in individuals or entities acting as trustees pursuant to a written trust agreement.





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Property Profiles

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Building Construction

Take advantage of our many years of experience in how to create a marketing strategy tailored for you.

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Foundation Work

Let us help you with your Open House or Just Sold Flyers.

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Foundation Work

Let us show you how to turn your ideas into profits.


Foundation Work

Join us for free training on how to create Facebook & Instagram ads. Training on how to build Google Pages. Create an effective LinkedIn profile. 

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Foundation Work

Let us help you create printed materials for farming your targeted neighborhoods


Foundation Work

Let us help you with your online presence.  We will do an analysis for you and create a plan to effectively reach the most customers.

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Home Buyer’s Guide

The homebuying process can seem daunting we have prepared a Homebuyer’s Guide to lead you through what to expect.  Included in our guide you will find a sample of the contracts that you or your clients will be signing.

Snap Title’s 

Seller’s Guide

Here you will find everything that you need to know for selling a home in Arizona.  We have provided a roadmap and a sample of all of the contracts that you or your client will be signing when selling your home.

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Realtors & Loan Officers

Let us help you build a strategy that works with the way you want to do business.  We have all of tools that you will need.  Whether you want to work with Sellers, Buyers or both.  We will assist you with building a plan that works for you.  Need a Listing Presentation?  Contact our Marketing Department and we will provide you with everything that you will need to win your listing.


Get Real-Time Market Insights

Buyers and sellers want to know: “How’s the market?” With Altos Reports, you can always answer this question with confidence, for any neighborhood and for any price range.

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Still have questions about the homebuying or selling process?  We have provided a list of helpful links.

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Meet Our Team

Our Experienced and versatile team is a part of our unique advantage.  We provide a lifetime of industry knowledge & experience to handle all Residential & Commercial escrow and title solutions. We conduct closings convenient to you, whether at home, your office or ours.  From the partners to the team members, the entire Snap Title family is dedicated to creating a closing and title experience that is simple, fast and stress-free.

Patrick Bailey

Branch Manager/Sr. Escrow Officer

(480) 870-8013

Sherry Wasieko

Director Business Development

(602) 432-8593

Amy Dalton

Escrow Officer

(480) 870-8025

Natalie Knight

Marketing Coordinator

(480) 353-7209


"Thank you making this all happen in such an orderly fashion! Very professional and personable. Two things greatly lacking in our wold today and two subjects rarely seen together.  Your company earns 5 stars in our eyes!"

-J. & L. Schroeder

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We are locally owned and operated.  Located at 4145 E. Baseline Rd., Gilbert, AZ 85234.  We provide remote signings anywhere in the state of Arizona.

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